beat VERB (past beat; past part. beaten) 1) strike (someone) repeatedly and violently. 2) strike repeatedly to flatten or make a noise. 3) defeat, surpass, or overcome. 4) informal baffle. 5) (of the heart) pulsate. 6) (of a bird) move (the wings) up and down. 7) stir (cooking ingredients) vigorously. 8) move across (land) to raise game birds for shooting.
NOUN 1) a main accent in music or poetry. 2) a pulsation of the heart. 3) a movement of a bird's wings. 4) a brief pause or moment of hesitation. 5) an area patrolled by a police officer.
ADJECTIVE informal completely exhausted.
beat about the bush — Cf. ↑beat about the bush
beat the bounds — Cf. ↑beat the bounds
beat down — Cf. ↑beat down
beat it — Cf. ↑beat it
beat off — Cf. ↑beat off
beat up — Cf. ↑beat up
beat a retreat — Cf. ↑beat a retreat
off the beaten track — Cf. ↑off the beaten track
DERIVATIVES beatable adjective beater noun.
ORIGIN Old English.

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